Compound 8 is a community of world-class professionals working together to help businesses grow.

Our skills include growth, product, marketing, data analysis, strategic partnerships, sales, customer service, and management consulting.

The team’s combined experience spans over 20 years in the software, B2B, non-profit, consulting, and services industries.individuals working to accelerate social change.

We aspire to be better humans and there's no room for ego.


Practice humility.
Do not let ego get in the way. That applies to work and daily life.

Always be learning.
There’s always more to learn. Whether it be asking questions, reading, or listening to podcasts. Stay curious.

Understand where the other person is coming from. A lot can get done that way.

Disagree and commit.
You may not always agree, but there are cases when it doesn’t make sense to continue arguing your case. If the team makes a collective decision, you can disagree, but put aside ego and commit to carrying out the mission.

Transparent communication.
The basis of any good relationship comes down to transparent communication. Whether it comes to personal or work relationships, over-communication is better than none. That includes being able to give and accept radical candor, even if it’s uncomfortable.

Abide by the Pareto principle.
Focus on the 20% of actions that generate 80% of results. Make a list of what’s necessary and what’s nice to have. Then focus on what’s necessary. That’s how we get shit done.

If things can be simplified, then do so.

How does that sound?

Are we the type of people you want to work with?